What Are CBD Tinctures?

Sometimes referred to as CBD or hemp oil, extract, or, as we call them, drops, CBD tinctures (and all tinctures) are concentrated extracts. Receptra's full-spectrum hemp oils are extracted from our hand-picked hemp flower using cold ethanol extraction, similar to how vanilla is extracted. The mixture is evaporated until we have only hemp extract remaining. This process retains the maximum amount of cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and chlorophyll to provide a true full spectrum hemp extract. This extract is what we use to create all of our CBD wellness products including our tinctures which are formulated with specific carrier oils for maximum bioavailability and benefits.

Taking CBD tinctures sublingually (held for at least 20 seconds under the tongue) is the typical, easiest, and fastest-acting way to consume CBD, since it’s absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Our CBD wellness tinctures can also be swallowed directly for oral intake or mixed with your favorite foods and drinks. When swallowed, however, it takes longer to feel the benefits because the compounds must be absorbed through the digestive process.